Management Consultancy

Ruya offers clients management consultancy services in the areas of corporate governance (Board of Directors responsibilities, human resources structures, organisation structures, ethics programs, performance management and management forums), business excellence (EFQM, excellence awards, quality management and health & safety management), operational excellence (lean and six sigma methodologies), transformation management (organisational cultural change, merger/acquisition integration and change management) and learning & development interventions.

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Investor Readiness

One of the most challenging elements of any business funding is the readiness of the processes, systems, information and people needed to ensure smooth alignment of the organisation and investor needs. Ruya actively supports clients and investors to prepare or evaluate the potential readiness of an organisation by acting an an independent authority carrying out the reviews against the requirements of both parties.

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Strategy Consultancy

Ruya supports clients by assisting in the development of a short, medium and long term strategic plans in-line with shareholders and other stakeholders expectations. The critical part of any strategic plan is to cascade it to all levels within the organisation ensuring each individual, team, function and business within the organisation knows their role is support the achievement of the strategic plan. Performance management forms a vital element of the strategy to ensure each performance measure is known, measured, analysed, corrective action taken and success celebrated.

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Board Advisory

Regardless of the size of your organisation there is a need to appoint a competent board of directors to support the senior management to run the business effectively. Ruya searches the local, regional and international talent poor of volunteer and paid members of the business community who are willing to support other organisations to grow. These Board members are evaluated and vetted by Ruya prior to recommendation to the client ensuring symmetry between all parties.

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Executive Committee & Founder Advisory

Many successful businesses can be even stronger with the right advisers on-board and Ruya evaluates the wealth of talent in the region who wish to support organisations in an advisory position rather than a full time employee. We provide our clients with highly skilled, experienced and qualified individuals who can support the senior management within the organisation to lead the organisation through the next growth phase.

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Growth Funding

Many successful business struggle to secure funding to support the next phase of expansion. Ruya supports organisations to find strategic partner investors who are willing to invest time and money into the business with reasonable expectations of returns. Each investment is reviewed in detail to ensure all parties are involved in a win-win situation providing for continued expansion of the businesses.

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Our Company Profile

Ruya Advisory supports local and international organisations in identifying the correct Corporate Governance structures suitable to their industry and organisational culture, development of Business Strategic plans and facilitating growth.

Corporate Governance in Ruya Advisory is considered to be “doing the right thing at the right time for all stakeholders”, which can be translated into;

  • Transformation/Change Management including project management of cultural, behavioural, strategic and operational change across the organisation.
  • Identification of a strategic goal, operational plans and KPI’s for all levels of the organisation.
  • Identification of the key partnerships internally and externally to support the sustained growth of the organisation.
  • Stakeholder and Shareholder value generation through sustained growth, shared value creation and focused performance management.
  • The development of Policies & Procedures suitable to ensure suitable and appropriate business processes.
  • Organisational structures which allow the organisation to perform efficiently and effectively.
  • Business Excellence which is the application of best practice in all operations leading to sustainable, efficient and effective business performance.
  • Operational Excellence which is the continual improvement of all processes and activities to ensure the performance of the organisation possible.
  • Human Resources practices which are suitable for the organisation while ensuring employees are engaged and outperforming expectations.

Ruya Advisory has worked with a number of local and international organisations to identify current practices and design the organisation of the future.

Ruya Advisory provides short, medium and long term solutions where we provide consultancy, contractors and facilitators skilfully selected for the project to ensure client satisfaction.


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We pride ourselves on the application of collaborative thinking processes where the diversity within our team is complimented by the diversity within our clients and associates. This diversity creates unique, mutually beneficial, solutions for every challenge. So why not get in touch!