Management Consultancy

Ruya Advisory definition of Management Consultancy is as follows;

"Advisory services supplied to any business which allows the business to improve, grow or optimize their resources to create a sustainable business"

Services can include;

  • Design and implementation of Corporate Governance structures including Board of Directors roles and responsibilities, management through policies, management reporting, human resources structures, anti-corruption practices and good management practices.
  • Operational Excellence programs where the business wish to review and optimize the available resources and identify areas of improvement including the implementation of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

Coaching & Mentoring

Ruya Holding engages in supporting business growth across the organisation through different solutions for each level, industry, business and individual within the business community.

Ruya Advisory believes in the benefits of individual and group mentoring and coaching to assist our clients to learn from the knowledge and experience of others through our Mentors program where we actively maintain a number of experience mentors who wish to support local and international business owners/directors to leverage their experience to create the businesses of the future.

Ruya Advisory also believes in the principles of positive psychology where each and every individual has the solutions and resources to resolve their own challenges in business, this does not mean they don't need additional resources but that they have the skills to identify when they need additional assistance. Our certified executive coaches specialize in supporting business leaders to identify the right solutions for their business.

Strategic Planning

At Ruya Holding and Ruya Advisory we believe one of the most important processes within any businesses, regardless of its maturity, is the strategic plan. Many businesses create a wonderful business plan at the beginning of their journey to secure funding or facilities from financial institutions but fail to concentrate on the three critical elements in any strategic planning process which include;

  • Cascade the strategic plan into an operational business plan where each and every function, department, team and individual has KPI's which are clearly linked to the overall 1,3 and 5 year strategic plan.
  • Creating a performance monitoring process which creates a culture of monitoring, measuring, analyzing, evaluating and taking action based on fact and actual performance of the business, function, department, team and individual.
  • Detailed financial planning including cash-flow management and facilities needed to meet the growth requirements.
At Ruya we support out clients large or small to identify the strategic goals of the shareholders which can then be cascaded into an operational plan facilitating clarity on the roles, responsibilities and accountability of all the management and employees within the business to ensure a common purpose, which results in united success and rewards for all.

Board Advisory

Within Ruya Holdings we believe in the principles of good corporate governance and the benefits on business performance of implementing these principles. One of the key principles is the need for every business to appoint a Board of Directors who can independently oversee the business strategy and performance.

At Ruya we recognize the need to find the right members of the Board and provide a number of solutions to support business growth including;

  • Identification and evaluation of Board Members which includes maintaining a database of suitably evaluated and approved individuals wishing to be appointed to the Board of Directors.
  • Provision of advisers to the Board in a non-member position to support as an independent resources to the members of the Board.

Leadership Development

The Leadership Team are the future of any business, leadership is a skill that needs to be nurtured throughout our careers and Ruya Advisory and Ruya Learning provide a solutions to support current and future leaders to hone their skills and knowledge allowing them to create working environments for success of the business, the management teams and the individuals working within the business.

Leadership development programs are bespoke for each client build around a core internationally recognized leadership development methodology including;

  • Understanding your individual leadership style,
  • Understanding the leadership styles of others,
  • Leveraging the strengths of all the resources available,
  • Communication and being understood,
  • Leadership competencies.
Leadership programs include a blend of self discovery, group discovery, facilitated workshops, mentoring and coaching to ensure each individual gains the skills and insight into their unique leadership style and how to best leverage that style to create win-win situations throughout the business.

Executive Committee & Founder Advisory

Within Ruya Holdings we believe in the principles of good corporate governance and the benefits on business performance of implementing these principles. The Executive Committee are the focal point in the implementation of corporate governance, strategic planning, financial planning & management and operational control processes.

In the growth phase of all organisations their maybe a need for a singular or team of advisers to support the Executive Committee to achieve the strategic goals by providing additional strengths which complement the current skills within the Executive Committee while remaining independent from the daily operations of the business.

Our advisers are selected from our database of experiences professionals who have a desire to assist businesses to create sustainable growth within their industry, which this in mind the adviser can remain independent while challenging the business leaders to make more informed decisions and to learn from the experience of the adviser.


At the Core is Efficiency

At the core of all business performance is the need for cost effectiveness and efficiency. At Ruya we focus our goal is to support organisations to grow sustainability while focusing on being best practice to all processes across the organisation leading to a leaner business.

Collaborative Thinking

We pride ourselves on the application of collaborative thinking processes where the diversity within our team is complimented by the diversity within our clients and associates. This diversity creates unique, mutually beneficial, solutions for every challenge.


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