Client Description Outsource employee – Construction, Oil & Gas, Household, Industrial and Hospitality.
Project Type Learning & Development –Certified Vocational Education Academy
Project Location Abu Dhabi, UAE
Client Size 7500 Employees
Project Duration 06 months
Client Industry Sector Vocational Education

Challenge Faced

Due to continued expansion and increased regulation on vocational employee competency requirements the client decided to build a certified academy with internal and external focus.

Project Outcome

  • Certification of the Academy to ACTVET.
  • Completion of 160 days training material for 16 vocational professions.
  • Approval of policies, procedures and human resources structures.

Project Deliverables

  • Process mapping for all activities required to operate the Academy effectively and development of policies and procedures.
  • Development of the strategic plan including revenue models, organizational structure, financial projections and market analysis.
  • Develop Human Resources structures including grading structure, policies, org structure, performance management and job descriptions.
  • Develop draft course outlines for the key target vocations suitable to be awarded certificate in Abu Dhabi.