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Corporate Governance in Ruya Advisory is considered to be “doing the right thing at the right time for all stakeholders”, which can be translated into;

  • Transformation/Change Management including project management of cultural, behavioural, strategic and operational change across the organisation.
  • Identification of a strategic goal, operational plans and KPI’s for all levels of the organisation.
  • Identification of the key partnerships internally and externally to support the sustained growth of the organisation.
  • Stakeholder and Shareholder value generation through sustained growth, shared value creation and focused performance management.
  • The development of Policies & Procedures suitable to ensure suitable and appropriate business processes.
  • Organisational structures which allow the organisation to perform efficiently and effectively.
  • Business Excellence which is the application of best practice in all operations leading to sustainable, efficient and effective business performance.
  • Operational Excellence which is the continual improvement of all processes and activities to ensure the performance of the organisation possible.
  • Human Resources practices which are suitable for the organisation while ensuring employees are engaged and outperforming expectations.

The Board of Directors assist the Executive Committee or Senior Management to;

  • Management the business effectively,
  • Create and measure the performance against strategic goals,
  • Support decision making and challenge perceptions and bias of the Senior Managers,
  • Support business development through direct and in-direct representation or intorductions.

Operational excellence is the application of best practice across all processes using methodologies including;

  • Quality Management,
  • Health & Safety Management,
  • Environmental Management,
  • Lean (manufacturing, supply chain etc.),
  • Six Sigma or other statistical/management philosophies.

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