Case Study – Costs

In this case study we deal with cost avoidance planned for a Large Food production Facility that is currently dealing with being at a limited capacity.

Client Description Large FMCG – Food Production Facility
Project Type Cost Avoidance – Cost Saving
Project Location Abu Dhabi, UAE
Client Size 4500 Employees
Project Duration 05 months
Client Industry Sector Food Manufacturing & Distrubtion

Challenge Faced

Limited capacity in the factory limiting the ability to increase output leading to increased revenue and profitability.

Project Outcome

  • Increased capacity by 8%
  • Reduction in product waste by 15%
  • Increases product flow and customer satisfaction.

Project Deliverables

  • Review the theoretical vs actual capacity of each process in the organization, analyzing opportunities to increase capacity.
  • Design a visual performance monitoring program to assist all stakeholders to understand performance in real time.
  • Review waste (processes, resources, raw materials, products and time) across all processes and optimize resources.