Client Description Waste Management Organisation
Project Type Mentoring/Coaching Senior Management – Future Structure, Project Management
Project Location Ireland
Client Size 50 – 100 Employees
Project Durantion 6 month
Client Industry Sector Waste Management

Challenge Faced

  • Growth organization seeking to grow between 80-120% year-on-year over the next 3 years including boosting capability and competency across all senior management, corporate governance, organization structure, reporting lines.
  • Opportunity to review internal cost, capacity utilization and management reporting focused on growing profitability faster than revenue.
  • Project Management of change projects across functions focused on optimization of resources, providing reporting capability and identification of areas for improvement.

Project Outcome

Details action plan addressing;

  • Current and future strategy to utilize current business resources,
  • Communication plan with clients, sub-contractors and users,
  • PPE, Compliance and Document requirements for compliance with internal and external requirements.
  • Review of protocols for vulnerable individuals.
  • Response Plan supporting employer to bring all employees back to the office.
  • Business protocols including new ways of working in the challenging environment prepared and evaluated, creating live/dynamic processes allowing the business to pivot/change within changing circumstances.
  • Leadership/Owner comfort dealing with changing business environment and stronger understanding of the changing circumstances and methods in overcoming resistance to change.

Project Deliverables

  • Project Manage projects reducing project costs, improve effectiveness and improve reporting capability.
  • Coaching/Mentoring plan focused on employee relations, growth potential, competency capability, organization structure and employee placement.
  • Efficiency review and implementation of focused on increased profitability, reduced costs and managing recourse utilization.