roles and responsibilities series

Corporate Governance – Roles and Responsibilities Series

In this series of articles I and we aim to provide insight into the roles and responsibilities within different functional area’s involved in supporting the implementation of #Corporate #Governance within any organisation, either multi-national, large or #SME.

The importance of clarity of the roles and responsibilities within an organisation cannot be stressed enough as it allows the employee to know what are the expectations placed on them as part of their employment.

We will not touch on functional roles and responsibilities, what the person’s job is, but more on the Corporate Governance role and responsibility within creating ethical business practices within the organisation. Each of the articles that will be published will be focusing on a different position/function of the business.

The articles are designed to express the opinions and experiences of the author(s) and not as a definitive guide to the implementation of Corporate Governance within the reader’s organisation as every organisation is unique in its culture and management styles. We urge you as the reader to use these articles to spark a debate within your organisation by asking yourselves;

  • Who in the organisation has these roles and responsibilities currently?
  • Who is best suited to hold these roles and responsibilities?
  • What practices are we currently implementing and how effectively are they implemented?
  • What communication tools are we using to ensure each and every employee in the organisation understands their role in the implementation of the policies, practices and systems we want to implement?
  • What actions should we take now to bolster our governance structures?
  • What policies, procedures and documentation do we need to implement to get the desired outcome?

We look forward to the debate over the coming weeks. Debate and sharing of ideas is the best way for people to learn how to implement strong Corporate Governance systems across all industries and value chains. Please be patient as these articles get published in parts rather than as one large overwhelming post. First article is coming soon.